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We all know that sustainability and climate change are enormously important issues that affect current and future generations. The sustainability and green living blog space is popular, crowded with options for amazing content—which can make it tough to find the best of the best green blogs. We’ve done that work for you, compiling a list of the best blogs on the web focusing on issues like sustainability, global warming, green living, and fighting climate change. Whether you’re a devout sustainability expert or a casual do gooder, look to these top sustainability blogs when you need advice, information on the environment, and doing your part.


treehugger top sustainability and climate change awardTreeHugger is the quintessential green blog, posting sustainable alternatives, nature photos, and information on environmental issues. For a great variety and authoritative pieces, TreeHugger is a great place to start your green blog journey!

Site: http://www.treehugger.com/

Conservancy Talk

nature conservancy top sustainability and climate change award ICTThe Nature Conservancy’s blog is chock-full of great info examining climate change policy, our evolving culture as it relates to the environment, and fascinating articles about a variety of specific resources and animals through the lens of sustainability.

Site: http://blog.nature.org/conservancy

Eco-Office Gals

eco office gals top sustainability and climate change award ICTGreen living isn’t limited to the home, of course, and the Eco-Office Gals understand the importance of making the workplace sustainable as well. They blog about changes and trends businesses can implement to become more eco-friendly. You’ll find a great assortment of tips and tricks to make positive changes in your office this year!

Site: http://eco-officegals.com/eog-blog/



ecogeek top sustainability and climate change award ICTYou may or may not be familiar with Hank Green (of SciShow), but his excellent blog is all about maintaining a balance between technology and the environment. Follow ecogeek to learn about exciting new technology that is helping to make our world a better place!

Site: http://ecogeek.org/


Ecorazzi top sustainability and climate change award ICTSelf-described as a “good gossip” site, ecorazzi posts interest pieces about animal rights, veganism, and environmental issues with a gossip site angle. Get your green living with a dose of cute pictures and interesting writing!

Site: http://www.ecorazzi.com/

Nature Moms Blog

nature moms blog top sustainability and climate change award ICTOne of the most highly-rated eco-friendly parenting and homesteading bloggers out there, Tiffany at Nature Moms Blog posts about diverse but relevant topics like sustainability, navigating tricky parenting issues, and homesteating tips. Whether you have kids or not, you’re sure to find useful tips for living a green lifestyle.

Site: http://naturemoms.com/blog/


Greentumble top sustainability and climate change award ICTDedicated to promoting awareness and action for environmental issues, Greentumble is written by a group of passionate contributors who want to help promote global conservation. Whether you’re looking for information on climate change, energy, deforestation, waste, water, or other issues, you’re sure to find informative content at Greentumble.

Site: http://greentumble.com/

Trash is for Tossers

trash is for tossers top sustainability and climate change award ICTLauren Singer is part of the Zero Waste movement, an effort to minimize trash and preserve the planet. A young woman and former Environmental Studies major living in New York City, Lauren is documenting her personal Zero Waste efforts on Trash is for Tossers. Lauren shows how it’s possible to live a healthy, happy, and eco-friendly life by reducing trash output to almost nothing—no matter who you are.

Site: http://www.trashisfortossers.com/


Ethics and Climate

ethics and climate sustainability and climate change award ICTWhile climate law might not seem exciting, but it’s a fascinating part of the environmental crisis, and critical to making policy changes on climate that affect us all. Donald A. Brown, Scholar in Residence at Widener University School of Law delves into these issues on his Ethics and Climate blog. If you want an excellent, in-depth look at the legal and ethical issues of climate policy, look no further.

Site: http://ethicsandclimate.org/

Green is My Thing

Green is my thing top sustainability and climate change award ICTA blog focusing on the big questions of sustainability, like energy and transportation, Green is My Thing takes these hypotheticals and challenges readers to consider the implications of our actions. It’s easy to think about environmental issues on a small scale alone, but Green is My Thing takes on questions that are both small scale (personal) and large scale (national or global) for a comprehensive view of the issues affecting our world. Making Green is My Thing one of the best sustainability websites on the net.

Site: http://greenismything.com/blog/


Eat Drink Better

eat drink better top sustainability and climate change award ICTA huge part of the environmental movement and climate change is food production and consumption. Eat Drink Better doesn’t just focus on one type of diet, but rather, discusses food issues that affect a variety of food philosophies. Their overall goal is help create healthier people and a healthier planet, which they do by offering perspective on the food industry, nutrition, and the environmental impact of food.

Site: http://eatdrinkbetter.com/


sustainablog top sustainability and climate change award ICTSustainablog is a one-stop-shop for environmental news, DIY, and sustainability, focusing mainly on waste issues. One of the longest-running green blogs on the web, it has been an authoritative resource on sustainability since its inception in 2003, and remains so today.

Site: http://sustainablog.org/about/


The Eco Chic

the eco chic top sustainability and climate change award ICTCalley Pate at The Eco Chic is a green living blogger, mom, and cloth diaper expert. She’s dedicated to sharing her green lifestyle with readers who are navigating eco-friendly parenting. A Tampa local, you’ll also find local deals, events, giveaways, and more.


Site: http://www.theecochic.com/


Enviro Gadget

enviro gadget top sustainability and climate change award ICTEnviro Gadget is on a mission to showcase the best sustainable, eco-friendly technology out there. Sound like an oxymoron? It’s not. These bloggers are spreading the word about how we can enjoy the benefits of technology without harming our planet, writing up on great technology and tips for green living.

Site: http://www.envirogadget.com/

Climate Trust

climate trust top sustainability and climate change award ICTA blog focused on slowing down the climate change impact, the Climate Trust’s articles focus mostly on the steps that are being taken in agriculture, forestry, and climate policy to address the issue. Some of these quality pieces speculate on the impact of potential programs, while others report on current policies and programs.

Site: http://www.climatetrust.org/nothingbutclearskies/

My Zero Waste

my zero waste top sustainability and climate change award ICTWondering if and how you can reuse everyday items around your house? My Zero Waste is a green blog that features some of the best tips on minimizing waste by reusing, reducing, and recycling. If you’re not sure where to start your own sustainable living journey, take a look at My Zero Waste for inspiration.

Site: http://myzerowaste.com/category/blog/

Crafting a Green World

crafting a green world top sustainability and climate change award ICT“The home for eco-friendly crafts”, co-founders Julie Finn, Bonnie Getchell, and Becky Striepe offer readers tips, tricks, how-tos and reviews. You’ll find information on reusing and unique ideas to help you get started on a new kind of crafting.

Site: http://craftingagreenworld.com/


Eco Warrior Princess

eco warrior princess top sustainability and climate change award ICTJennifer Nini is an Australia native with an eco-friendly (and stylish) sense of fashion. On Eco Warrior Princess, she writes on the subjects of ethical eco-friendly fashion, avoiding consumerisim, and other green living topics. If you’re worried about compromising comfort or style while going green, never fear! Eco Warrior Princess will help you see how it’s possible to live a sustainable, fashionable life.

Site: http://ecowarriorprincess.net/start-here/


Green Blog UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources

green blog top sustainability and climate change award ICTMostly focused on environmental concerns as they relate to agriculture, the Green Blog of the University of California examines the inherent challenges of farming and preserving natural resources and landscapes. Anyone interested in eco-friendly agriculture will find great info, tips, and new technology on the Green Blog.

Site: http://ucanr.edu/blogs/Green/

Sustainable Business Toolkit

sustainable business toolkit top sustainability and climate change award ICTBusinesses are a big part of green initiatives, and The Sustainable Business Toolkit  offers quality and diverse posts relating to the business community and sustainability. Involved with a small business? This is a great place to get the latest news on greening your business.

Site: http://www.sustainablebusinesstoolkit.com/

The Pistachio Project

pistachio project top sustainability and climate change award ICTBrittany at The Pistachio Project is a self-described “crunchy” (natural, green, and eco-friendly mom, sharing tips for a safer, greener home, to recipes. The Pistachio Project is also one of the hosts to Simply Natural Saturdays, which rounds up a list of natural living links each week.

Site: http://www.pistachioproject.com/



easyecoblog top sustainability and climate change award ICTWhile some tips for living a green lifestyle might seem complex and simply not realistic, easyecoblog works to make green living something that everyone can do. Simple tips for wellness, energy efficiency, and even natural pest control form the backbone of easyecoblog.

Site: http://www.easyecoblog.com/

Jen & Joey Go Green

jen and joey go green top sustainability and climate change award ICTJen is an eco-friendly mom who makes her own products and grows her own food—helpfully sharing those tips on Jen & Joey Go Green. Recipes and personal experience make this blog both relatable and helpful—as Jen acknowledges it’s important to be realistic when attempting a green lifestyle.
Site: http://www.jenandjoeygogreen.com/

Our Everyday Earth

our everyday earth top sustainability and climate change award ICTFrom green business tips to solar energy and eco-friendly product reviews, Our Everyday Earth is full of ideas for bringing sustainability into your life. You’ll even find content on eco dating, artwork, and much much more!

Site: http://www.oureverydayearth.com/

Small Footprint Family

small footprint family top sustainability and climate change award ICT“Sustainability starts at home” is Dawn’s motto, author of Small Footprint Family. Her interests lie in sustainable, eco-friendly landscaping and urban agriculture, as well as the slow food movement. On Small Footprint Family, Dawn writes on everything from frugal, sustainable living and nutrition to DIY, giveaways, and gardening.

Site: http://www.smallfootprintfamily.com


Sustaining Our World

sustaining our world top sustainability and climate change award ICTDavid Guion has been passionate about environmentalism since the first Earth Day. Today, he blogs about modern concepts of sustainability by using his wealth of knowledge and continued dedication to the cause. On Sustaining our world, David and contributors explore the changing landscape of the green movement through sustainability tips, infographics, and political progress.

Site: http://sustainingourworld.com/

Eco Child’s Play

eco child's play top sustainability and climate change award ICTA green parenting blog focused on creating a non-toxic, sustainable home-life, Eco Child’s Play was founded by Jennifer Lance in 2006, a blogger who practices what she preaches by living sustainably and off the grid. From natural, non-toxic remedies to parenting and pregnancy advice, you’ll find lots of great advice on raising a healthy, eco-friendly family.

Site: http://ecochildsplay.com/


The Green Divas

green divas top sustainability and climate change award ICTThe Green Divas run an informative sustainable and green living blog simply jam-packed with practical ideas and great environmental info. But Meg McWilliams and Lynn Hasselberger haven’t stopped there—they’re also starting a radio show with Rob Koppel to become an even better go-to resource for green living.


Site: http://thegreendivas.com/gd-blog/


Green Steve

green steve top sustainability and climate change award ICTGreen Steve’s basic message is that anyone can do what he does—and his blog will help you think about what you can do to help create a more sustainable culture. Steve documents his journey in “going green”, but also doles out practical tips and green news for anyone interested in reducing their carbon footprint.


Site: http://www.greensteve.com/about-me/


coverall top sustainability and climate change award ICTCoverall is a cleaning company with a fresh and content-rich blog about green cleaning and related safety issues. With tips and tricks for a cleaner and greener clean, you’ll find great information about cleaning your home or business safely and efficiently.

Site: http://blog.coverall.com/#sthash.tuPk7dbd.dpbs

Life the Green Way

life the green way top sustainability and climate change award ICTLife the Green Way is a blog with the goal of “bringing green mainstream”. Elena strives to help people save money by living a green lifestyle, which she does by offering step by step cleaning and entertaining tips and much more.


Site: http://lifethegreenway.blogspot.com/


Natural Papa

natural papa top sustainability and climate change award ICTSo many green parenting blogs are from the perspective of moms, which is great. But Derek at Natural Papa breathes a much-needed paternal resource into the green parenting world, offering up tips and advice for dads who want to be engaged and involved in natural parenting—but might not know how.

Site: http://naturalpapa.com/


ecopreneurist top sustainability and climate change award ICTWant a business-focused perspective on green issues? Look no further than the Ecopreneurist. This blog offers up sustainable business tips, from adopting green habits to investment the green way. If you’ve got questions, they’ve most likely got the answers.

Site: http://ecopreneurist.com/


Easy Ways to Go Green

easy ways to go green top sustainability and climate change award ICTMaking changes can be tough, and Easy Ways to Go Green strives to make green, sustainable changes simple and painless. Through tips on everything from recycling to organic eating, this blog shows that the little changes can have a huge impact on your lifestyle.

Site: http://www.easywaystogogreen.com/

Green Blizzard

green blizzard top sustainability and climate change award ICTStarted by Keith Blizzard, the Green Blizzard is a blog dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint. The team at Green Blizzard show that you too can reduce your carbon footprint by making simple lifestyle changes—they’ll show you how!

Site: http://greenblizzard.com/

Green Moxie

green moxie top sustainability and climate change award ICTNikki Fotheringham created Green Moxie as a place for “adventures in sustainable living”. She lives up to that by not only offering tips on sustainable, eco-friendly living, but by posting about varied topics like camping, tiny houses, and recipes. Make green living an adventure by starting with Green Moxie.

Site: http://www.greenmoxie.com/

Mindful Momma

Mindful Momma top sustainability and climate change award ICTMindful Momma’s Micaela curates the best green and healthy tips, tricks, and DIY from around the web. Product and brand reviews, recipes, gift ideas, and more are just the tip of the iceberg of the useful content you’ll find at Mindful Momma.


Site: http://mindfulmomma.com/


Green Your Decor

green your decor top sustainability and climate change award ICTJennae Petersen of Green Your Décor says the blog was born of frustration and inspiration. Unable to find what she was looking for when seeking sustainable decor, Jennae created Green Your Décor to help everyone find eco-friendly solutions to home decorating. If you’re trying to create a beautiful and eco-friendly space, Jennae is here to help.

Site: http://www.greenyourdecor.com/


My Plastic Free Life

my plastic free life top sustainability and climate change award ICTAs you might imagine from the title, Beth Terry is an activist and blogger who is striving to collect, tally, and reduce her own plastic waste. Beth shares her knowledge of plastic-free alternatives on her blog, as well as recipes and environmental news. Beth even challenges her readers to collect and tally plastic waste!

Site: http://myplasticfreelife.com/blog

The Green Miles

The Green Miles top sustainability and climate change award ICTMiles Grant is a clean energy fan and passionate follower of climate issues. The Green Miles focuses mostly on environmental issues and news, mainly about causes of climate change, energy, and extreme weather. It’s a great place to get caught up on the latest in climate news.

Site: http://thegreenmiles.blogspot.com/

The Green Parent

the green parent top sustainability and climate change award ICTA “kid friendly guide to earth-friendly living,” The Green Parent is run by Jenn Savedge, an environmentalist and author, who puts together green tips for parent-child activities and bonding, green giveaways, and news. If you’re into running, Jenn has you covered there as well!

Site: http://www.thegreenparent.com/blog/



ecocult top sustainability and climate change award ICTThe NYC sustainable scene may seem like an oxymoron, but Alden Wicker and her team at Ecocult show that it’s anything but. An “unapologetic” green blog that does the research for readers, Ecocult is an irresistible resource for living the good life—sustainably.


Site: http://ecocult.com/


Survival Renewable Energy

survival renewable energy top sustainability and climate change award ICTEverything you’ve ever wanted to know about renewable energy you’ll find on Survival Renewable Energy. With information on solar, wind, geo, hydro, and bio energy, you’re sure to find all the facts and news you’ve been looking for. You’ll also find tips on making your home a greener place to live!

Site: http://www.survivalrenewableenergy.com/


ecoideaz top sustainability and climate change award ICTAn India-based blog focusing on innovative ideas that make going eco-friendly easy, EcoIdeaz showcases Indian companies’ best innovations, tips for living a green lifestyle, and editorials on solving environmental problems, like the e-waste crisis.

Site: http://www.ecoideaz.com/


Green Traveler Guides

green traveler guides top sustainability and climate change award ICTBeing a tourist used to mean just booking your flight and packing your bags. But what if you want to be an eco-friendly traveler? Green Traveler Guides rounds up the best eco-friendly destinations, accommodations, tips and info you’ll need to treat your destinations with respect.

Site: http://greentravelerguides.com/


Sabin Center for Climate Change Blog

sabin center for climate change top sustainability and climate change award ICTThe Sabin Center at Columbia works with students to develop legal techniques for fighting climate change effects. Their blog is a fantastic resource for the latest in climate change law and policy, and they are an authority on the legal side of environmental issues. Visit them to learn more about what’s being done to protect our world from climate change effects.

Site: http://web.law.columbia.edu/climate-change


Sustainability blog top sustainability and climate change award ICTThe SustainAbility blog is a place to learn: about climate change policy, sustainability initiatives globally, and what our efforts mean for future generations. You’ll also find information on business sustainability and green initiatives, key elements in the fight against global warming.

Site: http://www.sustainability.com/blog

simple. green. organic. happy.

simple green organic happy top sustainability and climate change award ICT“A field guide to inspired green living,” simple. green. organic. happy. is written by Robin Strong Elton, who blogs on everything related to the green living movement. From infographics to green beauty tips and real food, Robin is helping to make it easier to live a satisfying green lifestyle.

Site: http://simplegreenorganichappy.com/


Green Building Education Services Blog

green building education services top sustainability and climate change award ICTHow can we be green if the buildings we live and work in don’t contribute to the goal of reducing our carbon footprint? Green Building Education Services helps  businesses get LEED certified, and use their blog to promote the benefits of green buildings. Showcasing the trends and frontrunners in sustainable buildings, there’s a lot of great info about greening the spaces we use on a daily basis.

Site: http://www.gbes.com/blog/

Green Planet

green planet top sustainability and climate change award ICTTechnology and science go hand in hand over at Green Planet. This blog offers a lot of useful information on solar panels, but you’ll also find articles about green business, economy, travel, and more. If you’re looking to make big green changes in your life, check out Green Planet.

Site: http://creategreenplanet.blogspot.com/


planetsave top sustainability and climate change award ICTPlanetsave is a one stop shop for the green lifestyle. Articles range from activism information and news to practical tips for living a green lifestyle. They’ll even help you go solar if you’d like to make the switch to cleaner energy.


Site: http://planetsave.com/


Recycle Nation

Recycle nation top sustainability and climate change award ICTRecycling has become a big part of our everyday life, but there are many everyday items we use that most people are unsure of how to dispose of. What is recyclable? Recycle Nation offers the answers to many of these questions and more. From recycling and reusing specific items to DIY instructions for products like lotions, Recycle Nation will help you live a greener life.

Site: http://recyclenation.com/

The Chic Ecologist

chic ecologist top sustainability and climate change award ICTIt’s easy to write off green living as something you have to do instead of something you can have fun doing. The Chic Ecologist is here to show you how everyone can lead a satisfying and chic green lifestyle. With conservation and environmental news, the inside scoop on the greenest places, and discussions of issues that affect us all, The Chic Ecologist has it all.

Site: http://www.thechicecologist.com

Do the Green Thing

do the green thing top sustainability and climate change award ICTA unique blog in the green space, Do the Green Thing melds creativity with sustainability. A heavily visual feed featuring sustainable and eco-themed artwork and projects from talented contributers. Founded by Andy Hobsbawn and Naresh Ramchandani in 2007, Do the Green Thing’s motto is “Creativity vs. Climate Change”.

Site: http://dothegreenthing.com/



econation top sustainability and climate change award ICTMichael Lockhart founded Econation as a social enterprise to promote sustainable well-being. To that end, the Econation blog offers up not only great information on green living, but tips for living well while reducing your carbon footprint, including activities like camping and enjoying the simple things.

Site: http://www.econation.co.nz/econation-blog/

Women of Green

women of green top sustainability and climate change award ICTFocusing specifically on women leading in social justice and sustainability, Women of Green was founded by Carolyn Parrs to integrate and highlight women’s ideas and contribution to the environmental movement. Using this lens to examine business, policy, and more, Women of Green is a great place to see the amazing steps women are taking to help us achieve a more sustainable planet.

Site: http://www.womenofgreen.com/


The Green Samaritan

green samaritan top sustainability and climate change award ICTThe Green Samaritan is all about sharing. Packed with tips from around the web, you’ll find easy ways to green your life that are simple to put into action. The Green Samaritan’s tips aren’t about depriving yourself, but about living thoughtfully, sustainably, and well.

Site: http://thegreensamaritan.com/


winterthorne top sustainability and climate change award ICTAn inspirational slow living blog, Winterthorne was created by Myra Caballero to help promote ethical, sustainable, and beautiful products that encourage an eco-friendly lifestyle. Showcasing eco-friendly art, ethical fashion, and much more, Winterthorne is a place where you can take a deep breath and savor the experience of helping make the world a greener place through beauty, fashion, and art.

Site: http://www.winterthorne.org/


Green Living Guy

green living guy top sustainability and climate change award ICTAn electric vehicle expert, Seth Leitman’s Green Living Guy blog does feature a lot of great info on green transportation, but that’s not all you’ll find. News on environmental issues and Leitman’s own personal green journey are also topics he covers with aplomb.


Site: http://greenlivingguy.com/blog/


Get Green Be Well

get green be well top sustainability and climate change award ICTWith a motto of modern, healthy, and stylish living, Kimberly Button of Get Green Be Well uses her green living expertise to help readers live a healthy and non-toxic lifestyle that’s good for the home and the earth. Product reviews, recipes, and more will help you make smart changes in your own life for your well-being.

Site: http://www.getgreenbewell.com/


Green Grandma

green grandma top sustainability and climate change award ICTGreen Grandma gives a fresh perspective on the green scene—where “old fashioned ways combine with 21st century common sense. Promoting values of sustainability, eco-friendly living, and kindness to others, Green Grandma provides a much-needed voice for earlier generations.

Site: http://thegreengrandma.blogspot.com/


Eco Street

eco street top sustainability and climate change award ICTSustainability is an issue that affects us all, and Eco Street embraces this by sharing environmental and sustainability news from around the world. You’ll also find in-depth analyses about how our everyday habits affect the environment, DIY tips, and more.

Site: http://www.ecostreet.com/


A Self Sufficient Life

self sufficient life top sustainability and climate change award ICTWhile A Self-Sufficient Lifestyle qualifies the title with “kind of!” there’s no doubt that the authors, Mr. and Mrs. Dirty Boots, do a whole lot around their home to be self-sufficient. They grow their own food, build what they need—and pass all that valuable experience and insight on to readers.

Site: http://www.aselfsufficientlife.com/

Growing a Green Family

growing a green family top sustainability and climate change award ICTParenting is tough, especially when you’re trying to do it the natural, eco-friendly way. Growing a Green Family helps make that easier, with seasonal content for sustainable living year round. Product reviews, advice on activities, and more make up the backbone of this handy blog.

Site: http://www.growingagreenfamily.com/

The Holistic Mama

holistic mama top sustainability and climate change award ICTSo many of our health and beauty products these days are filled with toxins and other harmful ingredients. Roxanne King’s blog, The Holistic Mama, is full of ideas for living a more natural, healthful lifestyle. You’ll find beauty product alternatives, real food tips, and more ways to implement positive changes without getting overwhelmed.

Site: http://theholisticmama.com/


Green Talk

green talk top sustainability and climate change award ICTIf you’ve ever thought about gardening as part of your green living resolution, then you need to check out Green Talk by Anna Hackman. Green Talk features realistic and helpful green living tips, with a wealth of information on gardening and using produce of your food. Hackman is self-described as “The Dear Abby of Green,” so take a look at Green Talk if you have questions about the lifestyle.

Site: http://www.green-talk.com/

Big Green Purse

big green purse top sustainability and climate change award ICTDiane MacEachern is a an award-winning entrepreneur and an author of the green living book Big Green Purse: Use Your Spending Power to Create a Cleaner, Greener World. Diane uses her knowledge to reach blog readers as well, with great content that will help you maintain your eco-friendly habits. Air quality, reducing waste, and making your world greener and happier are all topics regularly covered on Big Green Purse.

Site: http://www.biggreenpurse.com/



INHABITAT top sustainability and climate change award ICTYou’ll see a lot of DIY tips for living a green lifestyle all around the web, but inhabitant is a little bit different. Quirky news, design, architecture, and environmental issues are the focus of this blog, which hosts all kinds of entertaining and informative content. Founded by Jill Fehrenbacher, inhabitat fills a niche you don’t see too often in green blogging.

Site: http://inhabitat.com/


eartheasy top sustainability and climate change award ICTMaking small changes in your life to go green and sustainable is fairly easy, but making large-scale changes like eco-friendly home improvement can be daunting. If you’re not sure where to start, Greg Seaman and contributors help answer the most common questions about greening your home, as well as other tips for living a more sustainable life.

Site: http://learn.eartheasy.com/


Raise a Green Dog

raise a green dog top sustainability and climate change award ICTDogs are part of the family, and Leslie and Joann at Raise a Green Dog know how important eco-friendly pet ownership are to the overall goals of sustainable living. Take a peek at Raise a Green Dog for product reviews, tips, and tricks for a non-toxic, pet-friendly life.

Site: http://blog.raiseagreendog.com/


Green Living Ideas

green living ideas top sustainability and climate change award ICTIf you want to make a more energy, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly home, come on over to Green Living Ideas and learn more about energy savings, lowering your costs on sustainable home improvement, simple and natural living tips, and green news. Green Living Ideas is also a great place to start if you’re considering adding solar panels to your home!

Site: http://greenlivingideas.com/


RMI Outlet

rmi outlet top sustainability and climate change award ICTThe Rocky Mountain Institute’s Outlet blog is focused on news and developments in clean and renewable energy. That’s not all Outlet has to offer, however. You’ll also find transportation, and green building information as well!
Site: http://blog.rmi.org/

Conserve Energy Future

conserve energy future top sustainability and climate change award ICTBe Green. Stay Green. That’s Conserve Energy Future’s motto, and it makes sense. Sticking to a green lifestyle can be tough, and it’s important to be committed to clean, renewable energy for the future. If you are worried about climate and the types of choices we’re making as a society, comes to Conserve Energy Future to find news and tips on each type of green energy available.

Site: http://www.conserve-energy-future.com/

Little Green Blog

little green blog top sustainability and climate change award ICTMrs. Green, her husband, and her daughter are committed to a green lifestyle, and blog about what they’ve learned over the years by living a more sustainable lifestyle. From green product alternatives to ethical fashion, you’ll find it here. Little Green Blog offers a myriad ways to green your life.

Site: http://littlegreenblog.com/


Green Building Elements

green building elements top sustainability and climate change award ICTAs we move into the future, the best-case scenario is that we continue to improve the way we build, making more of our structures eco-friendly and energy efficient. The Green Building Elements blog has the resources to make that happen. With news and product reviews for green building, the Green Building Elements blog is a great place for someone considering a new building, or for those interested in the sustainability of future development.

Site: http://greenbuildingelements.com/


eco18 top sustainability and climate change award ICTA beautiful and highly visual blog, Eco18 doesn’t shy away from any green topic. A collective of talented bloggers, you will see content that ranges from technology and apps, travel, news, recipes, and green tips.

Site: http://eco18.com/

Green Horizon

green horizon top sustainability and climate change award ICTGreening your home isn’t just about saving the planet; it’s about saving your wallet as well. The Green Horizons blog offers readers tips on making homes more energy efficient, sustainable, and economical. Troubleshooting, comparisons of different energy options, and ways to save energy are all topics they cover, making this a great resource for anyone looking to green their home.

Site: http://www.greenhorizon.com/resources/blog/

Green Issues by Agy

green issues by agy top sustainability and climate change award ICTA craft, fashion, and DIY guru, Agy at Green Issues by Agy teaches you how to make the most of what you have. You’ll find tips on reusing and repurposing items for fun, eco-friendly projects. Have something you need to repair? Agy’s blog can help you with that as well. Green Issues by Agy is a one-stop shop for eco-friendly style!

Site: http://greenissuessingapore.blogspot.com/


Shane Shirley

shane shirley top sustainability and climate change award ICTWhat does “green” mean in the context of marketing? Shane Shirley will show you! A digital marketing consultant, Shane Shirley’s blog focuses mostly on business and career development—with a green twist. Other topics include environmental issues and green news.


Site: http://www.shaneshirley.com/


A Life Sustained

a life sustained top sustainability and climate change award ICTCourtney at A Life Sustained is a Midwestern mother who uses her blog to both keep herself accountable and share her journey navigating a more holistic life. Her journey with child-led learning, reviews, tutorials, and recipes is a great resource for any green family.

Site: http://alifesustained.blogspot.com/


Jetson Green

jetson green top sustainability and climate change award ICTHome design and eco-friendly living can go hand in hand—or the complete opposite. Jetson Green is a blog that focuses on keeping design and sustainability working as a cohesive team. You’ll see profiles of eco-friendly designs, home enhancements, design tips, and more.

Site:  http://www.jetsongreen.com/

Web Ecoist

web ecoist top sustainability and climate change award ICTWhile many green blogs are all about making lifestyle adjustments, Web Ecoist is all about celebrating nature, wildlife, and our planet. From eco-news to strange nature stories, Web Ecoist serves up interesting, eclectic content that engages readers with the planet.

Site: http://webecoist.momtastic.com/

Going True Green

going true green top sustainability and climate change award ICTBill Lauto, author of Going True Green, is an Environmental Science and Energy consultant. With his depth of knowledge, he writes on green energy issues, energy conservation, alternative energy, and more. If you’d like to learn more about the future of energy, take a look at Bill Lauto’s informed articles over at Going True Green.

Site: http://www.goingtruegreen.com/gtg-blog

Groovy Green Livin’

groovy green livin top sustainability and climate change award ICTGreen living is safer living, and Lori Popkewitz Alper takes this to heart on Groovy Green Livin. A mom and former attorney, Lori doles out green, sustainable living tips, nontoxic product recommendations, and other great tips for kickstarting a green lifestyle.


Site: http://groovygreenlivin.com/


Small Steps for Sustainability

small steps for sustainability top sustainability and climate change award ICTFrom upcycling to minimizing possessions and waste, Claire Nerida at Small Steps for Sustainability documents her family’s green living journey. The blog is an acknowledgement that while you can’t solve the climate crisis on your own, your small steps can make a difference. Check out Small Steps for Sustainability to see how smart choices can be incorporated into daily life.

Site: http://smallstepsforsustainability.blogspot.com/

Moral Fibres

moral fibres top sustainability and climate change award ICTWendy is a UK-based mom and green living advocate. Her philosophy is that living a green lifestyle shouldn’t compromise your sense of style, and you’ll find a wide variety of topics covered on Moral Fibres to help you accomplish this goal.

Site: http://moralfibres.co.uk/



Author Bio:

Susannah Bruck ProfileSusannah Bruck is a freelance blogger, editor, and ghostwriter. She has been putting her skills to use for clients since 2010, and enjoys working on formats ranging from blog posts to short stories and plays. You can find her at Word Adventures. She’s been writing for ICT Asset Recovery for over a year and covers topics such as certified electronics recycling, secure data destruction, and compliant recycling certifications



9 Responses to The 87 Best Blogs for Treehuggers and Climate Change Warriors
  1. Such a great list of familiar blogs! Happy to see them get recognized in this space 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for the inclusion. I see some friends here and some new faces. Great resource and awesome that you guys are involved in e-recycling.

    • We were happy to include you! We love what we do, its a very interesting industry, you’d be surprised just how much Ewaste is created every day! With out policy of re-using before recycling, we do our best to keep as much Ewaste out of the stream as possible

  3. GoingTrueGreen is happy to be part of the team!

    Bill, GTG

  4. Thanks so much for including Winterthorne! It’s an honor to be among such great company!

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