Gold Recovery Technology


Being able to reuse precious metals and components contained in e-waste has become a priority for researchers in the recycling industry. Most precious components are scarce and expensive, so it is important to have suitable ways of recovering them.


Gold Recovery with the Cyanide Method

Methods have already been developed. The use of cyanide in gold processing have been one of the most common ways of processing gold. The problem cyanide is that it is a persistent environmental toxin.

“The primary challenge in devising a suitable substitute for cyanide in gold processing, lies in developing an equally effective and degradable leach reagent. As gold cyanidation rates are relatively slow, the industry has been searching for faster gold leaching reactions capable of facilitating high metal recovery rates. Alternative lixiviants or leaching agents should also be inexpensive and recyclable, selective, non-toxic and compatible with downstream recovery processes,” The Morning Star reports.


New, Green and Effective – The HM X-leach method

Iberian Minerals Ltd. and Mineworx have recently released a new way to recover gold from e-waste. The HM X-leach formula is a proprietary, environmentally-friendly, non-cyanide based leach formula for the extraction of precious metals from ores, concentrates, tailings and electronic waste.


HM X-leach Table


“We are very excited with the results of the HM X-leach formula. It has been proven by independent analysis to be non-toxic and faster than typical cyanide solutions on a number of different ores, concentrates and tailings. The HM X-leach is safer to use, offers faster dissolution rates and offers much broader operational parameters. Offering a cost effective alternative to cyanide world-wide with the non-toxic HM X-leach formula will help to reduce the risks and environmental impact of mineral processing and may open up opportunities in areas where the use of cyanide is banned including several European countries, South American countries and some American states,” Duane Nelson, President of Mineworx, said to Morning Star.


The Mineworx formula, made of food-grade, organic ingredients, was recently tested on e-scrap samples. HM X-leach accumulated 2,600 parts per millions of gold in the solution in less than an hour of soaking. It matches cyanide’s recovery rate of 97 percent over the course of about four hours.

While some of the formula is consumed in the process, the liquid is reusable. Because the ingredients in HM X-leach are more expensive than cyanide, the formula’s recyclability is key.


At ICT, transparency is key. Every technological device is processed by R2 certified staff in the ICT facility in the Boston area. ICT knows how important trust is and values its relationships with its customers. ICT cares about preserving our planet and helps companies all over the country to recycle E-Waste and protect their data.

Author Bio: Audrey Adam is the marketing manager at ICT. She has a background in journalism and blog writing.

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