Change is important for business. And it is even more true when it comes to technology. Staying competitive includes using up-to-date electronics. Buying new IT equipment, also involves getting rid of the old one.

Electronic Recycling Plan

What to do with your old IT devices?

Correctly disposing of your IT equipment is critical. You can donate them, recycle them or resell them… just don’t let them end up in landfills. If you are not sure how to dispose of your equipment responsibly, partner with an IT Asset Disposal company!



Why is responsible IT disposal important for your company?


Protect your sensitive business data.

Most reputable recyclers perform data destruction. It is important to make sure that all unwanted hard drives don’t end up in landfills or in a developing country, where all your company information is left for grabs. Data breaches happen especially hard drives are shipped abroad (usually Asia or Africa). It is common practice there to sell electronic parts on the black market.

Protect your employees.

It is very common that your employees use their work devices for personal matters too. They may store usernames and passwords on their work computers, or maybe they paid online with a credit card… All of this needs to be erase definitely to not jeopardize their personal information.

Save time and make money.

Companies don’t have time to worry about the whole recycling process. By hiring a responsible certified recycler, you won’t have to do anything. Everything will be taken care of. Some recyclers also specialize in Asset Recovery, which means that they can repair and resell your equipment so your company could get some money back.

Protect the environment and your community.

Electronics contain toxic metals like mercury, cadmium, lead, and copper. When left in landfills, those metals can seep into the air, soil, and nearby water flow. This can cause many types of health issues. An R2-certified recycler follows a strict set of procedures on managing those metals and recycling them responsibly so they aren’t left to pollute the environment. Electronic recycling is key.

Enhance your corporate brand and image.

Your company’s reputation is crucial and being green is trendy. More and more people care about protecting the environment, so they will be happy to see you do too. Advertising your business as green will attract more customers.


“The best part about an electronic waste recycling plan is that the recycling company will do almost all the work for you. They’ll pick up the electronics at your location, audit the devices for your records, and customize their schedule and recycling plan to fit your needs. Look for the R2 certification when searching for a recycler. That certification means the company is EPA-endorsed for meeting the highest standards in environmental responsibility and data management,” Adam Dumes said in EcoChamber.


At ICT, transparency is key. Every technological device is processed by R2 certified staff in the ICT facility in the Boston area. ICT knows how important trust is and values its relationships with its customers. ICT cares about preserving our planet and helps companies all over the country to recycle E-Waste and protect their data.

Author Bio: Audrey Adam is the marketing manager at ICT. She has a background in journalism and blog writing.

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Photo credit: Don’t forget to recycle! by James Wang. Creative Commons.



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