04 Aug 2016
August 4, 2016

3 Reasons to Recycle Laptops

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Laptop Recycling

If your company is about to replace laptops, then it is time to think about what to do with the old ones. There are two main options: re-marketing or recycling.

If the laptops you’re getting rid of are still in good conditions and need minor repairs, then re-marketing is your best bet. By sending your laptops to a professional refurbisher, they will be repaired to be ready for resale. The good news is, your company can recover quite a bit of money like that.

But if your laptops are too old and/or worn down, your best option is recycling.

Here are three reasons why recycling laptops is so important.


  1. Recycling used laptops helps reduce pollution

Electronics like laptops contain chemicals and deadly materials that may damage the environment. If you don’t make sure your laptops are recycled responsibly, chances are they will end up in landfills.

If that’s the case, then after a while, your laptops will start leaking those toxic components. It will then pollute the air, soil and water. Water is especially prone to contamination. It can then cause serious illnesses to humans.

  1. Laptop recycling helps protect your data

Even though you might think that you’ve erase all the company’s sensitive data from the laptops, it might not actually be the case. To protect your data, most IT recyclers offer data destruction services.

To make sure your data is secure, it is important to destroy the hard drive so that it can’t be used no matter what.


  1. It is illegal to throw away laptops with general trash

There laws being implemented against the disposal of e-waste such as laptops. This is to make sure that recyclable wastes are used again, instead of dumped in landfill or similar. Currently there are 25 states that are implementing this law.


At ICT, transparency is key. Every technological device is processed by R2 certified staff in the ICT facility in the Boston area. ICT knows how important trust is and values its relationships with its customers. ICT cares about preserving our planet and helps companies all over the country to recycle E-Waste and protect their data.

Author Bio: Audrey Adam is the marketing manager at ICT. She has a background in journalism and blog writing.

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