When you’re trying to run a successful business that clients and consumers trust to be scrupulous, protecting your reputation and following the rules are key to long-term success—even when it comes to disposing of your outdated, broken, or unwanted electronics and servers, junk known as “e-waste”. While you might think that tossing out old IT equipment isn’t a big deal and couldn’t possibly come back to haunt you, the truth is that compliant e-waste recycling is a major issue and subject to many different regulations at both the state and federal level. read more →

There are a lot of benefits to developing a solid e-waste disposal plan that works for your business. Don’t think of it as yet another expense that cuts down on profits—think of IT recycling as an investment in your company’s future, and the future of society as a whole. read more →

First let me say after more than 30 years of working for or around the Department of Defense, I can assure you that the DOD 3 Pass is not some high tech secret memory wiping device (although that would be a cool tool to use on my wife when I make her mad!). No, I am talking about the infamous ‘DOD 3 Pass’ that I still see companies advertising today when selling their data wiping products and I hear and see every day from companies destroying their data. read more →

Environmental concerns are a global focus, and recycling is a big part of creating a more sustainable world. Understanding the Environmental Risk of E-waste can be critical for your company’s future. read more →