Should you dispose your equipment with a certified asset recovery organization or an independent recycling dealer? It probably won’t surprise you what my answer is to this question. Of course I think the certified asset recovery organization, particularly ICT Asset Recovery, is a better choice. I obviously know my answer seems self-serving. However, I have.. read more →

TheInternational Data Corporation (IDC) has revised its forecasts on the growth of the global Smartphone market this month, predicting that the astronomical growth of the Smartphone market will finally start to slow. Growth of the global Smartphone market is expected to fall to 19.3% this year, representing a significant fall from 39.2% year on year.. read more →

A last minute change to the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act has caused the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. (ISRI) to withdraw its backing of the bill and make a stand about how the new legislation hurts US recyclers and refurbishers. The new bill – which now explicitly prohibits unlocking of cell.. read more →

22 Apr 2014
April 22, 2014

You Can Make a Difference!

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If every business makes it easier for employees to recycle goods, and consumers spend a little more time ensuring that electronics are properly disposed of, less raw materials will need to be manufactured and the harm caused to the environment can be kept to the minimal level. However it requires everyone to do their bit,.. read more →

The latest Environmental Protection Agency figures show that while attitudes towards recycling may be changing fast, US recycling rates remain largely unchanged, with the overall U.S municipal recycling rate having fallen 0.2% to 34.5% between 2011 and 2012. This represents a drop of 1 million tons of waste from the 65 million tons of municipal.. read more →

It is sad but true. There is a cost associated with recycling and repurposing the components that make up computers, printers, circuit boards and mobile phones which adds up to more than the cost of buying new raw materials. Electronic devices are not designed to be recycled. One of the main problems is separating materials.. read more →

A recent market report by Transparency Market Research predicts the global e-scrap volume to rise to US$ 41 billion by 2019; more than four times the current volume. Current global e-scrap is estimated to be around 48 million tons (US$ 9.8 billion), which has been predicted to rise to over 141 million tons by 2019… read more →

There are a number of compounds used in the manufacture of electronics that are harmful to humans as well as the environment. It is therefore important to take electronic equipment to certified technology recyclers to ensure that the products are dealt with appropriately and dangerous materials cause no environmental damage; instead being used in the.. read more →

03 Apr 2014
April 3, 2014

Smartphone Recycling

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A recent white paper released bysecure data erasure company Blancco indicates the market for used Smartphones – currently standing at 53 million units per year – is expected to increase substantially over the next five years. The emerging reuse sector is tipped to increase market share to 8% and be supplying customers with over 257.. read more →

Not Much Can Be Recycled From Electronic Devices Myth:  Actually, over 99% of the materials used in the construction of electronic equipment can be recycled. The problem is that many companies choose not to recycle all of the materials, instead concentrating only on those which are the most profitable.  Be sure to ask your technology.. read more →