26 May 2016
May 26, 2016

From waste to art

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As technology is advancing at a rapid pace, electronic and technology devices keep piling up. Some parts can be aesthetically pleasing, others can be funny shaped or have interesting assets. No matter what, they need to be disposed properly when they get too old. So some artists decided to turn old technology devices into art. Those artists usually bring into play their work to raise awareness for sustainable use of electronics and recycling.

Creating art from e-waste is an ideal way to upcycle a potentially dangerous material and make it valuable again for society. Amongst others, it is William McDonough and Michael Braungart who began the trend of upcycling in the 1990’s.

These artists show you what you can do to make your used technology valuable again.

Julia Christensen

Constellation projector


In her “Burnouts” series, Christensen created video projectors that recreate animations of constellations that are no longer visible from earth. She designed the projector cases with 3D printing, and that’s awesome already, but what’s even greater is that the projectors are completely powered by discarded iPhones and parts from trashed overhead projectors. The light of the iPhone is directed through a system of lenses and mirrors stripped from the overheads, before the image is projected on to the ceiling.



Lee Woo

Lee Woo



Lee Woo is a Korean artist who recycles computers into hermaphroditic cyborgs (half-android, half-human sculptures). He uses his art to showcase the influence of technology on the body its effects on how people relate to their environment. He mixes mythology and technology to represent the virtual world brought to the real one.




Gabriel Dishaw

Gabrial Dishaw


Gabriel Dishaw found his inspiration in movie characters, animals and everyday life objects. Throughout his multiple series of sculptures, he has recreated Star Wars characters, Nike shoes, flowers, birds and skulls. “My mission is to create dialogue and help find creative, environmentally sound ways of re-purposing e-waste,” he says on his website.




Leonardo Ulian

Leonardo Ulian


In his Technological Mandala series, Ulian mixes technology and spirituality. He uses colorful bits and pieces of electronic circuitry to recreate a modern interpretation of Buddhist mandalas.




Chris Jordan

Chris Jordan


Chris Jordan’s work explores the phenomenon of American consumerism. For one of his art project, he used 6,000 unwanted cellphones to build his artwork. He created his work on a street so the public could see 32 square meters of cellphones arranged in a mosaic. His goal, encourage people to recycle.



Yuma Fujimaki

Yuma Fujimaki



Yuma Fujimaki is the creator of “geek chic” jewelry. The Japanese designer uses electronic waste to transform it into richly detailed rings, pendants, brooches, and other jewels. She create a line entirely made out of PC circuit parts.




Don’t forget that turning e-waste into art is not only for artists. Any creative mind can take advantage of the old electronics that are sitting in your households. For more ideas, check out “Clever Ways to Reuse Old Technology.”


At ICT, we’re all for anything that keeps electronics out of landfills. That’s why we tailor our electronics recycling solutions to fit each company’s unique needs.

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