03 Apr 2014
April 3, 2014

Smartphone Recycling

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A recent white paper released bysecure data erasure company Blancco indicates the market for used Smartphones – currently standing at 53 million units per year – is expected to increase substantially over the next five years. The emerging reuse sector is tipped to increase market share to 8% and be supplying customers with over 257 million units per year by 2018.

From an environmental standpoint this is certainly good news. The reuse of Smartphones should substantially reduce waste and pollution. However, the white paper highlights a major problem with data security, with considerable potential for consumers to have sensitive personal and business data given to the new phone owner.

Even when data is securely erased, it has been shown that over 60% of smartphones contained some data remnants from the previous owner, while other methods of data erasure left up to 99% of data on the phones.

Since any remaining data remaining a serious security risk, Blancco urges phone makers, retailers of re-purposed Smartphones and recyclers to take action to ensure that all data from re-used phones is securely erased during smartphone recycling, preventing customers’ sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

The figures released by Blancco suggest that over 99% of Smartphone users conduct at least some business on their phones, while 77% of users store sensitive contact information and clients details on their mobiles, highlighting the scale of the problem.

Current data erasure technologies exist to ensure total and irrevocable erasure of data, so it is essential to seek out a data erasure company that can ensure all data is permanently erased before resale to prevent unlawful use of data and future lawsuits.



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