When your business is ready to replace its IT equipment, it is also time for data destruction. Nobody wants sensitive data to be left out there for the grabs, so ITAD recyclers have developed techniques to protect your data. Check out various methods for secure data destruction here!

Now we know that our data must be destroyed… but most recyclers offer on-site and off-site data destruction.


What does it mean?

It is very simple. It means that the hard drives you want to erase for good can be destroyed directly at your company or can be securely transported to the recycler’s facilities for destruction.

Hard Drive - Data Destruction

Which one is best for your company?


On-site data destruction

In order to destroy data at your company’s facility, your recycler will come with a bunch of disk crusher and other equipment as required. If old hard disks, tapes, CDs, DVDs and other electronic storage media are to be destroyed, they are usually destroyed using hard disk crushers in your presence.

The crushed hard drives and other data storage devices are then transported to a disposal and recycling facility.

The main benefit of on-site data destruction is that someone from your team will be able to watch the whole destruction process and make sure that all your data is gone.


Off-site data destruction

Off-site data destruction basically involves transporting your data storage devices to the recycler’s facility for destruction.

The tricky part can sometimes be transport. To choose the right secure data transport mode, read What is Chain of Custody and How is It Important to Data Security?

Once your hard drives and other data storage devices arrive at the recycler’s facility, it is the same shredding process as on-site destruction. The only difference is that off-site data destruction will cause minimal disturbance to your work schedule. Though you are not able to witness the process in person, you can sometimes be given access to an internet video streaming of the destruction process.


Now, it’s your call!

Whichever one you pick; you will be given an auditable certificate of destruction as a proof.

Choosing your recycling and data destruction partner wisely is very important for the security of your data and environmental compliance.


Author Bio: Audrey Adam is the marketing manager at ICT. She has a background in journalism and blog writing.

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