alexShould you dispose your equipment with a certified asset recovery organization or an independent recycling dealer?

It probably won’t surprise you what my answer is to this question. Of course I think the certified asset recovery organization, particularly ICT Asset Recovery, is a better choice. I obviously know my answer seems self-serving. However, I have plenty of facts to back up my assertion.

Conventional wisdom is that giving your IT scrap to a next door scrap dealer is a lot less expensive than going to a professional and specialized IT asset recovery firm. I am not going to try and dispute that the scrap dealer might be cheaper or even free of charge, but is cheap way what you really want when your assets need to be managed and disposed of compliantly? Is cheap way you want when your assets need to be accounted for? Is cheap what you want when corporate data needs to be protected and sanitized? And how much are you really going to save? Is this small saving worth the enormous risk of fines, penalties and law suits?

The use of transparent and professional downstream scrap handlers that meet the government (legal, environmental, HIPAA) standards and specifications is a significant plus on the asset recovery organization side. And if you have IT material that still has market value only an experienced, professional organization is able to provide you with significant money back. A Local scrap dealer will not have the infrastructure and market expertise to recover this value. Most of the time scrap dealers are able to provide free services to end users because they take advantage of higher prices paid for scrap in third world countries or resell material that they are not allowed to sell otherwise. For example, they will sell your computers with installed hard and tape drives and media even if they are not authorized to do so. Or possibly, they will not invest the time or money to eliminate data on the drives because that is expensive, labor intensive and they are not paid for it. They have to make money somehow, don’t they?

An acquaintance of mine sold corporate laptops to local scrap dealer with the stipulation that thee units have to be destroyed. Soon after the laptops were transported, one of his co-workers brought to his attention that these laptops with remaining asset tags were advertised on eBay for sale to the general public. When he confronted the scrap dealer, the laptops had already been re-sold to a used computer dealer. This “free deal” ended up in numerous compliance violations and monetary loss for the corporate end user.

In another incident, a client hired a local scrap dealer who operates his own truck to remove 3 skids of excess of equipment for the purpose of disposal. The dealer offered free pick up and disposal. The truck didn’t end up in the area for more than two weeks and the scrap was sitting on the loading dock the entire time blocking pathways for the loading dock and for incoming and outgoing shipments. At ICT we use qualified common carriers and offer just on time pick up for your scrap to keep your work flow clear and loading docks open. We show up when we say we will and offer expedited service.

Did you know that many scrap shops do not use any operating procedures or properly trained technicians? Additionally, If they offer white glove IT Asset Removal services (if they offer it at all), The common practice is to use existing and inexpensive general laborers for delicate in-office or in-datacenter equipment removal. It may be true that initially, this is cheaper for the scrap dealer and therefore the customer, but is it a good practice considering your walls and your floor surfaces, your doors and door frames, your furniture? Finally is this taking into consideration your remaining equipment?

Now, don’t get me wrong; there are many talented and honest scrap metal operators out there. Having said that, I ask that you consider the value and not just the cost when you decide where you want your disposal needs serviced.

In addition to our professional and transparent services we provide:


• On average, over 20 pallets a day come and go to and from our certified facility for expert asset recovery and recycling services.
• Out of 20 employees 15 have bachelors and master degrees in computer science, electronics, environmental services, accounting, law and business. Many with dual majors and one with a PHD.
• We have invested in all the necessary diagnostic equipment to assist our specialists with detailed, comprehensive analysis and restoration of hardware if required.
• We invested over hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past 2 years to keep our staff up to date on the latest technological advancements, processes and compliance issues in the products and services we offer. This was done with approval and support of Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund.
• We have technical support links to each manufacturer we service. This is available to provide our technicians with an added dimension of competency.
• Our recycling center is certified through the multiple stringent standards bodies and registered with multiple organizations.

• Our facility is kept up to date on the latest equipment to service your material.
• We offer a complete line of certificates and auditing capabilities to help personalize the disposal process.
• Pick up and white glove services are available on-demand and on-time anywhere in US and Canada through qualified business partners offering reliable and professional service 24 hours 7 days a week.

• Each and every shipment in and out of our facility is recorded into our auditing system and photographed in detail for reference at any time.
• We are your data destruction store. We can wipe, sanitize and shred your media on site of off-site.
Pricing and Peace of Mind

• We offer very competitive pricing on all services and pay top dollar for your end of life products.
• All services are guaranteed to be delivered within 48 hours or as required.
• When we receive your equipment at our facilities, we analyze the market value of this product. If reuse is not explicitly prohibited and if there is remaining residual value, we will provide you with a payback (minimum value applied I am not sure what this means). Scrap dealers who offer free service cannot perform expert market evaluations and asset recovery while protecting your IP and data left on this equipment.

No, there is no question in my mind where you should have your asset recovery and disposal done. I hope that after reading this you will understand and agree with my contentions. If you are currently utilizing an uncertified or certified economy scrap dealer, why not give us a try? I will guarantee you that when you consider the value you receive and the risk mitigation that it provides; it will far outweigh any cost difference.

Thanks for letting us serve you.

Alex Styller
President & CEO
ICT Asset Recovery



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