If your IT equipment contains sensitive data, then you need to destroy it before the recycling of the devices. Protecting your data is very important to your company, so you should pick your recycling/data destruction company wisely.

Here are 5 questions you should ask before partnering with anyone.


Is Your Business Adequately Insured and Are Your Employees Background Checked?

Insurance and liability are key! Ask for up to date certificates of insurance and data destruction qualifications. If the company is reputable, they will provide those certificates without any problems. If the data destruction company that you are considering guarantees total liability for your data, that is one more proof of its quality. If some unforeseen circumstance caused the company to compromise your sensitive information, they will need to be able to take responsibility.


Data Destruction CompanyWhat Precautions Do You Take to Secure My Hard Drives?

Most data destruction companies will give you a choice between on-site (your company facility) or off-site (the recycler’s facility) data destruction. If the destruction is not done at your facility, make sure hard drives will be transported securely. They should be locked in a tamper-proof container and traceable. The hard drives should also be stored locked in a monitored area, at their facility until they are destroyed.

Learn about on-site and off-site data destruction here.


Exactly How Are You Destroying My Hard Drives?

Degaussing is not always enough, so make sure all hard-drives are shredded! Ask about the details of the destruction process so that you know if the company is trustworthy.


What Proof Do I Have That the Items Have Actually Been Destroyed?

You should always be able to witness the data destruction process. If choose the off-site destruction option, make sure that you are given the possibility to watch the process via live-streamed video. Once your data is destroyed, you should get a certificate with a list of all the destroyed hard drives. The log or certificate should include manufacturer and serial number of the drives destroyed, not just a general statement like “50 hard drives destroyed”.


How Do You Dispose of My Hard Drives After You Destroy Them?

Think about the environment and make sure that your hard drives will be recycled. Hard drives contain a lot of recyclable materials, so you will want to make sure they are not ending up in a landfill.

If you picked a trustworthy data destruction company, you’re in luck because most of them also provide recycling services. So take advantage of the full package for complete peace of mind!


At ICT, transparency is key. Every technological device is processed by R2 certified staff in the ICT facility in the Boston area. ICT knows how important trust is and values its relationships with its customers. ICT cares about preserving our planet and helps companies all over the country to recycle E-Waste and protect their data.

Author Bio: Audrey Adam is the marketing manager at ICT. She has a background in journalism and blog writing.

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