Not Much Can Be Recycled From Electronic Devices

Myth:  Actually, over 99% of the materials used in the construction of electronic equipment can be recycled. The problem is that many companies choose not to recycle all of the materials, instead concentrating only on those which are the most profitable.  Be sure to ask your technology recycling company exactly what will be recycled and don’t assume that everything will eventually make its way into a new product.

All metal components can be molten down and reused in a wide variety of products. All of the plastic can be reused, and while it may not find its way back into new electronic equipment, it can be used in the production of a wide range of products and packaging. The glass in displays can be recycled easily, and is turned to cullet and used in the production of new glassware, while batteries can be recycled and the materials used to produce new power packs.



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