alexThrough many customer interactions, I have realized that there is lack of understanding in the term “IT asset recovery”

Truth be told, most people tend to believe that asset recovery means getting money back for used equipment that might have become outdated 3-4-5 or more years ago.

Often times the misconceptions built around what has residual value leads to a lot of time wasted looking for buyers who would pay for old and defective equipment and the results are disappointing. The best case scenario is if a customer, after long and tedious search comes to realization that e-waste is  e-waste and compliant disposal should take place at a small cost much like we have to pay for trash pickup in most communities . Not all trash is somebody else’s treasure.   More often than not, the worst case scenario plays out where a customer gets involved with a provider who does not provide compliant disposal. This saves the owner disposal fees but exposes them to fines and penalties that far exceed the money that is saved. It simply is not worth the risk.

Unless IT Assets are 3 years old or younger and are in excellent working condition, there is very little to no value left in them that can be returned to the original owner.

Recovery is a multi-faucet process that is highly regulated by various government agencies.

IT Asset Recovery will recover assets for society and human kind, not for original owner.

IT Asset Recovery professionals provide original owners with compliance and peace of mind on one hand and get e-waste through the process that provides society and future generations of business with reusable assets in the form of IT equipment for low budget/charity organizations or commodities such as metals and plastics for reuse in the manufacturing of new products. Landfill is minimized to zero.

In this way, assets are recovered for all of us in a bigger and better sense. Assets are recovered for those who can’t afford current technology and for the planet earth. Assets are recovered such a way that we are preserving our natural resources for generations to come.

Working with an R2 certified recycler not only provides indemnity and ensures compliance, but allows us all to practice good corporate citizenship.

A simple but effective comparison is that we all would smile on someone who would hope to sell the household waste even though there can be meal based items, plastic bottles and paper.  However many communities mandate recycling of all applicable household refuse by separating and make it available for pick up by waste companies for further recycling. Same here: our government on federal and state level mandates to recycle e-waste specific way for future reuse and better good for all of us as citizens of the earth.

I hope that you can see where cutting corners can lead to costly mistakes and dire consequences for our environment. To make sure you are doing the right thing by all means and participate in a certified e-waste asset recovery process.  And please don’t use undocumented providers or sacrifice your integrity for the cost of a small recycling fee.

Compliant solutions offered by ICT Asset Recovery are competitively priced, flexible, good for you the corporate e-waste producer, good for all of us and keeps your processes within legal boundaries.



Alex Styller

President & CEO

ICT Asset Recovery

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