16 Jul 2012
July 16, 2012


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    Enviromental Compliance
    The changing regulatory landscape presents a constant challenge that requires a nuanced approach to compliance and understanding risks. Accountability is as critical to our organization as it is to yours, especially when dealing with hazardous materials and sensitive data. That’s why ICT has undergone the rigorous testing necessary to achieve the industry’s highest certifications and, we furnish our customers documented proof of these certifications to ensure they are not only compliant, but risk-free at every stage. We settle for nothing less than your peace of mind.
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    Data Security and Destruction
    ICT provides software and physical data elimination, fully compliant with industry standards, including Department of Defense conformance standards. We offer various data elimination methods – from simple software-based solutions to physical shredding of hard drives at our specialized e-waste facilities
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    Health, Safety and Certified Haz Mat Processing
    For many organizations, the metals in electronics equipment such as lead and mercury represent some of the most hazardous materials that will be disposed. Insuring that this is done correctly and documented completely is essential

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    Chain of Custidy
    ICT provides a fully transparent and compliant chain of custody process with documentation every step of the way:

    Provide Legacy inventory build out removal
    Manage legacy infrastructure de-installation and removal
    Ensure safe destruction of data to the US Department of Defense standard
    Ensure auditable documented responsible and secure environmental disposal
    Provide all required regulatory documentation



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