Saving the environment should matter to everyone. There are many ways to contribute to the to a greener world and you’re are probably recycling plastics and glass… But what about your old computer or cellphone?

When retired electronics end-up in landfills, they become “electronic waste,” or “e-waste.” All IT equipment contains hazardous materials and precious metals that deserve a particular treatment. According to a United Nations University study, there was a total of 41.8 million metric tons of electronic waste in the world as of 2014, and this trend is growing.

E-waste problem

What can you do to help fight the e-waste problem?


Recycle it through a reputable and responsible program


When picking your recycling partner, make sure that it is certified! R2:2013 or e-Stewards certifications are good signs. To be certified, recycling companies need to comply to various regulations and go through several stages of audits.

Random audits are conducted annually to ensure that companies are keeping their pledge, so you should be between good hands with a certified recycler.

Recycling is great, but it is the best solution only when your electronic devices are very old or are not functioning anymore.


Fix it and/or sell it


Maybe you want a new phone or computer, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your current devices can’t be used by somebody else.

If your old devices need a few repairs, maybe you can fix them yourself… But if you don’t know how, that’s ok! Some recyclers also specialize in refurbishment and repairs. They will even give you the option to sell your repaired items for you. So you don’t have to worry about anything and still make some money out of your unwanted electronics.

That’s what’s call a win-win! You help protect the environment while making money!


Consider upgrading less often

While upgrading your technology is very important, maybe you could consider doing it less often. Replacing your IT equipment might be very appealing but it is not always the best option for the environment.

The more you buy, the more needs to be produced. Electronics contain Rare Earth Elements. There is not an indefinite amount of rare earth, so it is crucial that we try to preserve them.

But don’t wait until it is too late either. If you can upgrade your technology before it dies, it is better, because it can then be refurbished and resold.

So it’s all about finding the right balance. Companies usually replace their equipment every 3 to 5 years.


At ICT, transparency is key. Every technological device is processed by R2 certified staff in the ICT facility in the Boston area. ICT knows how important trust is and values its relationships with its customers. ICT cares about preserving our planet and helps companies all over the country to recycle E-Waste and protect their data.

Author Bio: Audrey Adam is the marketing manager at ICT. She has a background in journalism and blog writing.

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