There are a number of compounds used in the manufacture of electronics that are harmful to humans as well as the environment. It is therefore important to take electronic equipment to certified technology recyclers to ensure that the products are dealt with appropriately and dangerous materials cause no environmental damage; instead being used in the production of new components.

The most dangerous materials used in electronics are heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, and mercury is used in the production of LCD screens. Batteries contain many hazardous compounds and their disposal is covered by numerous strict regulations to prevent environmental damage. The lead, nickel, acid and lithium used in batteries can all be recovered and recycled. The use of mercury and PCB’s in electronics is less than in years gone by, although older equipment is likely to contain much higher levels of these potential contaminants than modern electronics and proper disposal is therefore essential.

Due to the serious environmental harm that can be caused by these metals and contaminants it is essential that all electronic equipment is recycled, and never finds its way into landfill sites. To ensure that all materials are recycled that can be, it is essential to only use a certified technology recycling company.



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