Are you a serial tech upgrader? Have you ever thought about re-selling, donating, or trading in your old electronic equipment instead of recycling? Whether you’re working with your own equipment or your company’s, the stakes are high for data security. It’s not as easy as you’d think to protect sensitive information. Data destruction software is an essential part of the resale process. But why is this step so important?

Why is data security important?

Deleted Data is Not Gone Forever

When you first delete a file, you know exactly where to find it, in case you made a mistake: the recycling bin. Every once in a while, you might clean out that recycling bin and delete those files “forever”. The problem with this, however, is that the computer doesn’t delete the file itself, just the reference to that file.

Just because the operating system can’t find it anymore, doesn’t mean a file is gone forever. Until that data is overwritten or wiped, it can still be accessed with file recovery software—leaving you open to data theft.

If you’re getting ready to sell or trade in devices, simply deleting sensitive information isn’t enough to keep your information safe. You need to take additional steps.

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Why Data Destruction Software is Important

Especially if you’re getting rid of IT equipment from a business, you’ll want to carefully destroy your data before resale. Do this, and you’ll be ahead of the curve, according to Apto Solutions on SDB Magazine:

“Most companies claim to wipe all of their customers’ important data before decommission, yet more than 50 percent of the “wiped” equipment still has sensitive data on it, leading to a potential data breach, identity theft or regulatory compliance failure”.why data destruction software matters - stock monkeys USB drive

But why? Because most people don’t know better.

Now, you do!

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So what do you do once you’ve deleted confidential data on your computer?

Use data destruction software to ensure your hard drive is wiped and ready for someone else to use it—risk-free to you.

Is Selling Your Old Equipment Worth It?

It depends. If your equipment is new enough (think no more than a year or two old) and in excellent condition, it may be worth selling or trading in. If not, you might want to consider recycling instead.

Whatever you do, don’t just throw your device away—and don’t forget to erase your data properly either.

Even if you’re not selling, data will still need to be destroyed prior to recycling, and may require a combination of software, magnetic erasure, and data destruction software. These methods are used on a regular basis by compliant IT asset disposition (ITAD) companies, which handle e-waste recycling for businesses.

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Finding the Right Data Destruction Software

The good news? There are lots of free tools out there, depending on what your needs are. You can take a look at a list of great software here, to see what suits you best.

Need a more sophisticated solution than a free data destruction software tool? You might need to look into working with a reputable ITAD provider.

Have you ever used data destruction software? What tools worked best for you?

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