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17 Sep 2015
September 17, 2015

Universities Are At Risk for Data Breaches

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Universities are at risk for data breaches, but most people don’t know it yet. Universities are relatively easy targets ripe with data to be stolen. The free exchange of ideas on campuses leads to educational discussion and lots of opportunity for students, but also leaves them vulnerable to the realities of insufficient network security and data protection. read more →

How do all the pieces work together to form a comprehensive ITAD process solution to your e-waste problems that gives you peace of mind and complies with all federal and state regulations? read more →

Imagine you’re trying to get a product into the hands of a consumer. That process involves a lot of logistics that start at a very basic level—from acquiring the materials, to manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and more. Reverse logistics is the opposite of the supply chain process—taking at least one step back… read more →

So What is Chain of Custody? – When you entrust your data to a third party, you want assurance that the equipment is handled properly. You’ll want a well documented chain of custody. In short, the chain of custody refers to the “paper trail” of documentation that clearly spells out the custody, control, transfer, analysis, and disposition of assets. read more →

Is Your Data Being Properly Sanitized? For many computer users, simply wiping their laptop’s memory appears to be a safe way to clear your personal information from the device. Unfortunately, although it appears to be gone, your personal data is still living inside of your computer, awaiting to be discovered. This info-graphic depicts the typical.. read more →

First let me say after more than 30 years of working for or around the Department of Defense, I can assure you that the DOD 3 Pass is not some high tech secret memory wiping device (although that would be a cool tool to use on my wife when I make her mad!). No, I am talking about the infamous ‘DOD 3 Pass’ that I still see companies advertising today when selling their data wiping products and I hear and see every day from companies destroying their data. read more →

Over the last few years, many of the nation’s data centers have increased their physical server count. Additionally, sales figures for new server purchases saw a rise of 2.9% over 2013. However, more important than the purchase and growth of this new equipment, is the disposal methods for the old servers being replaced. With recent.. read more →